GrandMaster Pete Pajil featured on the Cover of Wing Chun Illustrated

     We Are honored to announce our Sifu, Pete Pajil, has been featured on the cover of Wing Chun Illustrated issue #35.  Follow the link provided below to read it in its entirety.  Both Digital and paperback versions are available and we strongly recommend you add it to your collection.  The interview provides a glimpse into the inner workings of the rare talent and refinement of Ving Tsun skill that is, Sifu Pete Pajil.  Sifu Pete Pajil is not one to seek the spotlight and has been one of Ving Tsun’s best kept secrets… Enjoy this rare public recognition of a great Ving Tsun mind right here: issue 35


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New Interview with Grand Master Pete Pajil



1. As a quick intro, can you tell us a bit about yourself and your school? When, where, how and why did you start practicing?

The Moy Yat Ving Tsun Kung Fu School of Philadelphia was founded in 1985 and led by the venerable Grandmaster Pete Pajil (a.k.a., Sigung Moy Bah Hugh to all of his grand students).

Since then many of his distinguished disciples have gone on to open their respective kung fu schools across the country to spread this simple – yet easily misunderstood – martial art and intelligence – we proudly call Ving Tsun.

Grandmaster Pete Pajil has devoted his life to propagating the martial intelligence of Ving Tsun Kung Fu to many of his disciples and grand-disciples throughout the United States. In fact, most of the late Grandmaster Moy Yat’s international lectures and seminars were bestowed upon and represented, by Pete Pajil.

Grandmaster Moy Yat simply and frequently appointed Pete Pajil to spontaneously impart and express the inner workings of Ving Tsun’s nature and how it paralleled everyday ZEN.

It was through many years of practicing Grandmaster Moy Yat’s style of teaching known today as, “kung fu life”, where Pete Pajil forged his reputation and earned his rightful place within the Moy Yat Ving Tsun Kung Fu Family, as the official United States custodian.

To this day, no other Moy Yat disciple in the United States has had a martial arts practice running and growing, as long and as extensive as Sigung Pete Pajil. His students and grand students number in the thousands all across the country.

However, only a handful of the most privileged students and grand students have been able to personally and intimately travel by Sigung Pete Pajil’s side. Journeys to martial arts havens like Hong Kong (the birthplace of modern Ving Tsun), Futsahn-China (the valley of Southern Chinese Kung Fu Legends), Brazil and Canada (where Moy Yat Ving Tsun continues to grow strong and wide), have only enhanced the overall authentic “Sito” (master-disciple) experience of cultivating “Kung Fu Life”.

It was out of many decades of learning and practicing together as a martial arts family that this new kung fu school was born.

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The Body Knows How to Heal. Are You Listening?

peterpajil Introduction to Natural Healing, The ABC’s of Natural Health Oct. 18th 1-3 pm

Click to Register:  Introduction to Natural Healing   $35 in advance;
Registration at the Door: $40.

     Naturopathic Medicine recognizes the integrity of the whole person and emphasizes the treatment of disease through the stimulation and support of the body’s already existing natural healing processes. Dr. Pete Pajil, ND will present  The ABC’s of natural health (activate, build, cleanse).

Learn how to discover the cause of dis-ease rather than just handle the symptoms. Learn how to support the body’s own natural healing process. Understand body systems and how to build real health; discover how emotions affect us physically and the magic words to emote stuck feelings. Health and wellness and disease are experienced on all levels of mind, body, emotion, and spirit and in relation with environmental and social surroundings. Learn to “Listen to the body.”  Make lifestyle choices that foster recovery, build health and prevent illness. Bring questions to this session and be ready to make some healing lifestyle choices now.


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Yin of Ving Tsun: Summary of the 2nd Annual Sisters Retreat


It is Friday morning September 19, 2014 in the kitchen at Growing Heart Farm in Pawlings, NY. The women preparing breakfast are silently humming to themselves the tune of a chant offered at the campfire the night before by Suzanne Sterling, a spiritual vocalist who happened to be visiting the farm that weekend.  “Om mani padme hum,” a traditional Buddhist mantra to invoke (more…)

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