The Body Knows How to Heal. Are You Listening?

peterpajil Introduction to Natural Healing, The ABC’s of Natural Health Oct. 18th 1-3 pm

Click to Register:  Introduction to Natural Healing   $35 in advance;
Registration at the Door: $40.

     Naturopathic Medicine recognizes the integrity of the whole person and emphasizes the treatment of disease through the stimulation and support of the body’s already existing natural healing processes. Dr. Pete Pajil, ND will present  The ABC’s of natural health (activate, build, cleanse).

Learn how to discover the cause of dis-ease rather than just handle the symptoms. Learn how to support the body’s own natural healing process. Understand body systems and how to build real health; discover how emotions affect us physically and the magic words to emote stuck feelings. Health and wellness and disease are experienced on all levels of mind, body, emotion, and spirit and in relation with environmental and social surroundings. Learn to “Listen to the body.”  Make lifestyle choices that foster recovery, build health and prevent illness. Bring questions to this session and be ready to make some healing lifestyle choices now.


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Yin of Ving Tsun: Summary of the 2nd Annual Sisters Retreat


It is Friday morning September 19, 2014 in the kitchen at Growing Heart Farm in Pawlings, NY. The women preparing breakfast are silently humming to themselves the tune of a chant offered at the campfire the night before by Suzanne Sterling, a spiritual vocalist who happened to be visiting the farm that weekend.  “Om mani padme hum,” a traditional Buddhist mantra to invoke (more…)

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