Kung Fu Life

Yan Han Kung, Ngor Han Sin”—Others walk the bow, I walk the string.

Often spoken about, yet difficult to understand are the words: Kung Fu Life. Still, one senses the importance of discovering and uncovering the essence of this phrase.  In the Moy Yat Ving Tsun family, Kung Fu encompasses much more than technique. It includes the opportunity to develop and enrich our lives with the experiences of Sifu and Sigung.  One may be qualified to run a class or teach a technique, but to take a disciple and absolutely change his/her life, to make them feel more relaxed, enjoy life more, save time and expand their life are the marks of a great teacher.

Kung Fu Life is the life experiences your Sifu has gathered by spending many years with his Sifu. It is these very experiences he uses to help guide you at a level he was once at. He uses his life to help you understand the essentials and nature of Ving Tsun Kung Fu, thus allowing you to use the system as a tool to be more successful in your endeavors of life.

We encourage our students to develop their own Kung Fu life by spending time with and assisting Sifu.