Most people come to the martial arts to learn how to fight. However, for most of us who stay involved in our study for more than a short while, kung fu begins to teach us how to live life. One can acquire strong fighting prowess, yet that is only a first step. Higher kung fu is further displayed in one’s patience, wisdom and good manners.

The Moy Yat Ving Tsun Kwoon which you have affiliated yourself with is part of a larger traditional Chinese martial arts family. By joining the school, you have chosen to become a member of that family. As in any family, there are certain rules of conduct. In the following sections we will explain some of the more important rules, in hopes that you will begin your study on the right foot, and your kung fu will grow strong.

Show Respect for the School.

  • When you see Sifu, be sure to bow as you have been instructed. Likewise, when you first enter the training floor, bow to the grandmasters. If you light incense as a show of respect to our ancestors and grandmasters, always light three. When you leave the floor, likewise bow to the grandmasters. When you say goodbye to Sifu, bow as well.
  • When you train with someone on the floor, be sure that you show respect for each other by bowing to each other before you start and when you are finished.
  • Always wear clean and proper attire.
  • No horseplay or loud talking is allowed in the School. It is expected that when you are on the floor, you are seriously engaged in the study of Ving Tsun. If you wish to chit-chat, please leave the floor so as not to distract others.
  • Sihings are expected to take seriously their role as teachers of Sidai. Similarly, Sidai should respect their Sihings and defer to them as a matter of courtesy. If a conflict arises the student should discuss the matter honestly and openly with the offending party. If there is still a problem, alert a senior brother or Sifu

There are many other “rules”, or what might better be described as matters of etiquettes, which you will learn. As your Kung Fu Life grows, there will become part of you, and your kung fu will naturally expand.