Nature of Our School

“Chor Hock Mo Yung Lic” – Beginners Must Not Use Strength


Our school is structured like a family. A student that has been training longer than another student is considered to be their older brother or sister. It is the responsibility of the older brother or sister to teach their younger brothers and sisters. This type of teaching and learning hierarchy stretches from Sifu to the newest student. This system’s advantage gives the student the opportunity of “playing hands” with the older brothers and sisters. Your experience will not be limited to novice Ving Tsun practitioners. This enables you to advance your Kung Fu as fast as you can learn it. There are no time limits applied to the student’s learning. Each student will learn and progress at his or her own pace.

The organized class will always be taught by Sifu or a qualified Sihing. This class focuses on strength and situational application training. It will enable the student to make the distinction between form and function at a much earlier stage in their training.

A salutation is performed when entering the Kwoon and whenever you address Sifu. This will help instill respect and keep the student focused while they are in the Kwoon.

Whenever a student has passed an advancement test, there is a ceremony to commemorate the event. This ceremony proudly acknowledges the students accomplishments by presenting him or her with a certificate and patch. The entire school, along with the student’s family, is encouraged to attend.

There are times when our students get together outside of the Kwoon to celebrate several significant events. These events, which are open to all students and their families, are the anniversary of the school’s opening, Ving Tsun Day and Sifu’s birthday.